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IACS Sabbaticals for Visiting Scholars Program

The purpose of the IACS Sabbatical Program is to create opportunities for domestic and international collaborations beyond IACS/SBU; to work on research topics that represent opportunities for leadership and growth; and to develop greater name recognition for IACS.

  • The maximum amounts to be granted to Visiting Scholars through the IACS Sabbatical Program is $20,000, but proposals are allowed to exceed this maximum in appropriate circumstances.
  • Those carrying the title of Visiting Scholar will normally be internationally well-known individuals who will be visiting the University including IACS.
  • To be eligible to be considered for an IACS Visiting Scholar a nominee must, as a minimum, hold a PhD or equivalent.
  • Duration of a visit is typically around 3-4 months, although shorter visits will sometimes be appropriate.

The IACS Leadership team will call for nominations for the IACS Sabbatical program twice a year. For fall visits, the submission deadline is March 1. For spring visits, the submission deadline is August 1.

  • The expectation is that no more than four visits will be granted per year and that the disciplines of the visitors will be relevant to at least one of our four subgroup themes.
  • Office space in IACS will be provided to the Scholar subject to availability.
  • The nominating faculty member (referred to as the host) will be responsible for organizing a formalized meeting for the Scholar with all faculty and helping the Scholar navigate the community, find housing, and access local transportation. The host may also be responsible for finding office space if none is available at IACS.
  • IACS will be responsible for funding the visit, submitting all payment paperwork, and helping with any visa requirements.
  • The Visiting Scholar will be expected to hold one seminar at IACS and take part in the life of the institute.
  • The availability of a nominee to take up a Visiting Scholarship on particular dates must be determined before a nomination is submitted for consideration.
  • Nominations should be made using the Visiting Scholar Nomination Form.
  • Nomination forms must include a high-level itemized budget explaining how the honorarium will be used. (Part of the selection process will be assessing the appropriateness of the budget vis-à-vis the duration of the stay.)
  • Besides personal specifics, the following is asked:

      Please detail below the extent of consultation, with whom, details of preliminary discussions, level of interest etc.
     Please detail below the extent of collaboration/connections.
     Describe the proposed program of work and intended outcomes of the visit.


IACS Sabbatical payment process

  • All payments to Visiting Scholars are made via honoraria and can only be paid out on a monthly basis starting with the conclusion of the first month of the visit.
  • Scholars are considered Independent Contractors and will need to provide documentation determined by his/her visa type.
  • Honorarium paperwork can only be submitted once the Scholar has arrived on campus.
  • All Scholars must have a social security number in order to be paid an honorarium.
  • If the Scholar is international and there is a tax treaty with the US, the Scholar must complete a W-8BEN form that includes a completed section for Part II, and an 8233 form with Part II 11(a,b) and 12 (a,b,c) completed and with an original signature. Also required is an original signed and dated letter from Appendix B, with the format dependent on the country of origin.
  • If the Scholar is a US citizen, all the usual taxation regulations apply.