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IACS Professional Development Program (PDP)

As of Fall 2019, all new IACS students will have to complete the IACS Professional Development Program (PDP) in order to be eligible for any IACS scholarship and/or award, except the New Recruit. A new IACS student is defined as one who has just joined the research lab of one of our core or affiliated faculty.

PDP will be held on Fridays from noon-1 pm in the IACS Seminar Room in both the fall and spring semesters. The topics in the spring semester will be focused on career development skills. The topics in the fall semester will be based on technical skills. 

To sign up for this spring, please fill out the registration form accessed here.


Fall 2020 – Technical Content

(Schedule pending)

Session 1:  Linux Command Line
Instructor: Sebastian Dick

Session 2: Software Engineering I
Instructor: Alok Mishra

Session 3:  Modern HPC
Instructor: Robert Harrison, PhD

Session 4:   Introduction to SeaWulf and Ookami
Instructor(s): Firat Coskun/David Carlson 

Session 5:  Software engineering II
Instructor: Catherine Feldman, PhD

Session 6:  Verification Validation and Uncertainty Quantification (VV/UQ)
Instructor: Alan Calder, PhD

Session 7:  Reproducibility
Instructor: Christian Che-Castaldo, PhD

Session 8: C ollaborative Document Writing
Instructor: Matthew Reuter, PhD

Session 9:  Proposal and Paper Writing
Instructor: Jennifer Albanese, PhD

Session 10:  Visualization and Graphics
Instructor: Heather Lynch, PhD

Students are allowed to miss one session with a legitimate reason but will be required to make up the session through the use of online materials.

If you are new to your IACS research group, please make sure your advisor emails your name and contact information to Students who are already part of a research group at IACS are not mandated to take this course but are welcome to join if desired. First preference, however, will be given to new students. If you are already an IACS student and want to attend or you would just like more information, please email our IACS Educational Program Manager


Spring 2020  Career Development

Session 1: Self–Assessment
Instructor: Kathleen Flint Ehm, PhD (1/24/20)

Session 2: Faculty Panel
Instructors:  Robert Harrison, PhD; Heather Lynch, PhD; Jeffrey Heinz, PhD (2/7/20)

Session 3: How to Prepare a CV
Instructor: Jennifer McCauley, PhD (2/14/20)

Session 4: Elevator Pitch
Instructor: Alfreda James, PhD (2/21/20)

Session 5: How to Give a Great Talk
Instructor:   Temis Taylor, PhD (2/28/20)

Session 6: How to Attend a Conference
Instructor:   Rosalia Davi, MS/MA (3/6/20)

Session 7: Time Management Panel
Instructors:   Yousef El-Laham; Jonathan Rawski; Rachael Herman (3/13/20)

Session 8: Industry vs. Academia: Many Paths to Science Panel Event

Rocio Ng, PhD - Data Scientist, LinkedIn

Adrian Soto, PhD - Data Science Content Developer, DataCamp

Carlos Simmerling, PhD - Professor, Marsha Laufer Endowed Chair in Physical & Quantitative Biology, Stony Brook University

Session 9: Interviewing/Salary Negotiation
Instructor:   Marianna Savoca, PhD (4/3/20)

Session 10: Faculty Panel
Instructors:   Alan Calder, PhD; Marivia Fernandez-Serra, PhD; Carlos Simmerling, PhD (4/17/20)