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IACS Graduate Fellowships

The Institute for Advanced Computational Science offers a limited competition awarding graduate research fellowships to outstanding, distinguished undergraduate students interested in pursuing graduate education and computational-related research at the Institute under the mentorship of core or affiliate IACS faculty researchers.

IACS Graduate Fellows will play a strong role in the overall life of the institute, which is comprised of 13 core and ~40 affiliate faculty spanning chemistry, materials by design, condensed matter, astrophysics, atmospheric science, nanoscience, linguistics, ecology, applied mathematics, computer science, biomedical informatics, chemistry, civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, music, neurobiology and behavior, psychology, and sociology.

  IACS Graduate Fellows will be provided with competitive stipends matching the current NSF rate of $34,000. Additionally, Fellows will be provided with an equipment and travel allowance in the amount of $8,000.

  The IACS Graduate Fellowship ensures funding for 5 years. During the first 1 - 2 fellowship years, graduate fellows will follow departmental norms acquiring valuable teaching experience and become fully integrated into their respective departments by serving as Teaching Assistants (TAs) with a full IACS stipend. 

Funding beyond the scope of the 5-year Fellowship will be expected to be provided by the research advisor or another source at the stipend level.  

IACS Graduate Fellows will be expected to participate fully in the research life at IACS, including, but not limited to, presenting at Research Day; attending and/or facilitating IACS seminars and brown bag lunches; leading educational workshops within their expertise; serving as a mentor for enrolled students; participating in professional development opportunities; attending professional conferences on behalf of the institute.

IACS Graduate Fellows are expected to maintain a superb academic and research record and are expected to work on a computationally-intensive project with an IACS core or affiliate faculty member. If a Fellow chooses to join the research group of a non-IACS faculty member, their eligibility will be determined on an individual case-by-case basis. Fellows will participate in annual reviews with their research advisors to evaluate their performance and ensure successful outcomes.

Workspace will be provided within the institute.

**Application details will be announced Fall 2020**