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Jesmin Jahan Tithi

PhD/Computer Science  
HPC Software Architect  
Intel Corporation  

Jesmin Jahan Tithi joined SBU in 2011. She graduated from Stony Brook University with a PhD in Computer Science in 2015. Her dissertation title was “Engineering High-performance Parallel Algorithms with Applications to Bioinformatics.” She finished her bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in 2009.

Position Description
I work as an HPC Software Architect in the Platform Architecture and Performance Team at Intel Corporation. I work on developing, implementing, optimizing new parallel algorithms for solving computational problems on a variety of parallel architectures and architecting new programming platforms that are potentially better fit for new heterogeneous hardware. I also do workload characterizations to understand what impacts performance of a workload and influence hardware decisions based on that. The application areas I am currently concentrating on are machine learning and bioinformatics.

Structure of a typical day
Sometimes my days start at 6 am in the morning attending meeting with folks in Europe. I usually have multiple phone meetings in the day and a few face-to-face meetings. The rest of the time I work on my own. Sometimes I present my results to others. There are weekly meetings where I need to present my achievements for the week. I also go to the gym in the office and attend some dance classes to refresh myself. I usually take just one coffee break in the whole day.

Finding the job
I had already completed a very successful internship at Intel, and then one of my colleagues found my resume in a database and emailed me whether I was interested in a position at Intel.

Advice to other students
Keep working hard and be honest and respectful to others. Keep explaining your work as much as possible. That helps always. Try every possibility you have. You never know what God has chosen for you!

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