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Mahdi Davari

PhD/Computational Material Science
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Stony Brook University


Position Description

I have been working as a developer of novel methods for computational materials discovery and apply them to a wide range of exciting scientific problems along with crystal chemistry approaches to study the fundamental properties of materials at the atomic scale. Our in-house developed code is integrated with various first-principles electronic structure packages. As a member of the Center for Materials by Design, my work broadly seeks to identify the compositions and atomic structural features that control the electronic properties of complex systems, including transition metal (oxy)nitrides, binary borides, high-temperature superconducting hydrides, etc. 

Structure of a Typical Day

As a highly self-motivated individual with a solid background in computational sciences and programming, I believe I offer an essential combination of skills that would be of great benefit to the industry and academia. From the other side, any position that helps me to realize my abilities to conduct innovative research and become an outstanding scientist in the field of condensed matter physics and software development would be an excellent opportunity for me. I focus on using my interpersonal skills to build good user experience and create a keen interest in my employers. I hope to develop skills in dealing with big data and my knowledge of software development and become a real asset to the business. As an individual, I’m self-confident you’ll find me creative, funny, and naturally passionate. I’m a forward thinker, which others may find inspiring when working as a team.