Predrag Krstic


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Stony Brook University

Dr. Predrag Krstic is a Research Professor at the Institute for Advanced Computational Science, an adjunct professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Tennessee, and founder and owner of the TheoretiK consulting. He has worked in the Physics Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Theoretical Atomic Physics program since 1995, where he retired as a member of the senior research and development staff and project manager. He obtained his Ph.D. at CC of CUNY in 1981 on the theory of multiphoton processes, and he received his BSC and MSC in technical physics and technical plasma physics from the University of Belgrade. His research covers a wide range of fields in theoretical atomic physics, plasma physics and nuclear fusion, computational physics and chemistry, plasma-surface interactions, molecular electronics and bionanotechnology. His work has been disseminated in more than 200 papers in peer-reviewed journals, in several patents, in more than 80 talks at scientific conferences and seminaries, and in a number of international atomic databases. He is a contributor to book chapters; an editor of a number of conference proceedings; a PI and Co-PI on many grants with DOE, NIH, NSF, and IAEA; a consultant for the International Atomic Energy Agency; a Fellow of the American Physical Society; and an organizer and co-organizer for various international conferences. 

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