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Adolfy Hoisie

Chair, Computing for National Security 
Computational Science Initiative 
Brookhaven National Laboratory 
(631) 344-4874 


Expertise in performance analysis, modeling, and engineering of extreme-scale parallel computing systems, applications, and system architectures.

Computational Sciences Research Activities

Hoisie is a long-time principal investigator in DOE’s  Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) programs. At Brookhaven, he will continue in this capacity and contribute to solving computing challenges faced by other federal agencies, including those within the Department of Defense, such as the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the National Nuclear Security Administration. In addition, he will work closely with the leadership team to further CSI’s overall computing endeavors.

Professional Appointments

Hoisie comes to Brookhaven Lab from DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). He first joined PNNL as a laboratory fellow in 2010, and went on to direct the Advanced Computing, Mathematics, and Data Division; serve as PNNL’s lead for DOE’s ASCR programs; and generally carry out flagship activities in high-end computing, such as the Center for Advanced Architectures Evaluation (CENATE), which he spearheaded and directed.

Prior to PNNL, he held several senior scientific and leadership positions at DOE’s Los Alamos National Laboratory, including director of the Advanced Computing Laboratory and leader of the Computer Science for High Performance Computing (HPC) Group and its Performance and Architecture Laboratory.

Before joining the DOE labs, he was a senior scientist at Cornell University, where he led research in performance modeling, optimization, and engineering for supercomputer systems and applications.