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Predrag S. Krstic

Institute for Advanced Computational Science

SUNU Stony Brook

Stony Brook, NY 11794-5250

Phone: (865) 603-2970



I am a research professor in the Institute for Advanced Computational Science at SUNY Stony Brook. My research has covered a wide range of fields in computational and theoretical atomic physics, plasma physics and nuclear fusion, chemistry, plasma-surface interactions, molecular electronics, and bionanotechnology. My current research interests and activities are focused on the quantum computing research and the properties of the fusion-plasma facing materials (Li, B, C, W, C).

We organize a topical group in quantum computing and information research which includes interested faculty and students of SBU as well as BNL researchers .  If you are interested in joining our activities, mainly common seminars and discussions in areas of mutual research interests, please contact me.

Inside one of IBM's cryostat wired for 50 qubit quantum system  


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