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Phillip B. Allen

Physics and Astronomy 
Stony Brook University, Physics 

From 1954 to 1960 I attended  Roxbury Latin School , in West Roxbury, outside Boston. After undergraduate study at  Amherst College  (BA 1964) and graduate study at the  University of California, Berkeley  (PhD 1969 supervised by  Marvin L. Cohen ), I spent two years at  Bell Laboratories  in Murray Hill, NJ. Since 1971 I have worked in the  Physics and Astronomy Department  at  Stony Brook University . Sabbaticals and leaves have been spent at the  Cavendish Lab University of California, Berkeley , the  Max-Planck Institut (Stuttgart)  (under sponsorship of the  Alexander von Humboldt Foundation ),the  Naval Research Lab Brookhaven National Lab Los Alamos National Lab IRRMA  (at the  EPFL Lausanne ) and the  Dept. of Condensed Matter Physics University of Geneva,  and most recently (2002-2003) at  Columbia University , with funding from the  Guggenheim Foundation . I frequently spend a day at  Brookhaven National Lab , to work with friends in various departments. 

Recently, my research has switched a little from mainstream solid state physics into two hot areas: nanoscience and earth & planetary materials physics. To initiate the nanoscience part, from Sept. 22-25, 2002, my friends and I organized a workshop " Electron-Phonon Effects in Nanosystems" (EPENS'02)  in Montauk NY. To initiate the earth & planetary materials part, I joined the  VLab  consortium, organized by my former postdoc, Renata Wentzcovitch. Current nanoscience research is with the BNL/Stony Brook working group  SWaSSiT . We work on solar water splitting.


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