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Seed Funding FAQs

Q:  Who is eligible?
A:  All IACS core and affiliate faculty who are not presently receiving seed funding from elsewhere on campus.

Q:  Can my seed grant project have subawards?
A:  No.

Q:  Are there any restrictions on being a PI or Co-PI on more than one application? 
A:  An investigator can only be PI or Co-PI on one application.

Q:  Once my proposal has been submitted, can I make revisions?
A:  No.

Q: Can I charge a PhD student salary on this grant?
A: Yes. The personnel transactions on the seed awards are treated like research grants and therefore exempt from the position compensation form approval process.

Q: Can I include personnel salary in the budget?
A: Yes it is fine to budget for personnel costs for research staff (students, technicians, etc.).  However, salary for PIs and Co-PIs must be presented with strong justification.

Q: What can be included in the budget?
A:  Personnel salary with fringe, participant costs, travel (domestic or foreign), materials and supplies.

Q: What cannot be included in the budget?
A: Tuition and IDC

Q: Does my department need to match any portion of the seed funding?
A: No, there is no expectation for a match.

Q: Can I include support letters in my application?
A: No. 

Q:   Is there a lower limit on the funding amount or duration of the project?
A: There is no lower limit for either funding amount or duration. However, if your project will be fewer than 12 months in duration, then your budget should coincide with the activity period you propose.

Q:  How can I trust confidentiality in proposing my research ideas?   

A:  All reviewers will be asked to confirm that they have no conflicts of interest and the expectation of confidentiality among the reviewers will be emphasized throughout the review process.