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IACS Young Writer's Scholarship

The IACS Young Writer’s Scholarship is granted to a graduate* or undergraduate student working with a  faculty member or  affiliate of the institute. The scholarship consists of a one-time prize of $500 to celebrate the student’s first paper that is accepted in a peer-reviewed publication or conference proceedings. You do not have to be the first author. Only full-time, fully supported students are eligible to receive this scholarship. Both international and domestic students are eligible.

Students cannot name themselves for selection. Faculty supervisors must propose students for the scholarship based on the faculty member’s assessment of the student’s first significant publication. Faculty must submit the student's name, department, title of paper, name and date of publication to Scholarship winners may be required to present their papers at an annual IACS event in honor of their achievements.  

*Note  - In order to be eligible for any IACS financial award, all graduate students who joined their research group as of fall 19 or later must have completed the Professional Development Program (PDP) or be currently enrolled.

Past Winners